Non-Linear Dynamics and Collimation (NDC)


The Non-Linear Dynamics and Collimation Section in BE-ABP:

- Carries out theoretical and experimental non-linear beam dynamics studies aimed at improving the performance of CERN present and future circular accelerators, in particular in terms of particle diffusion, lifetime, and beam loss management.

- Develops numerical approaches and maintains simulation codes for designing and optimising the collimation system of present and future CERN accelerators.

- Responsible for commissioning scenarios, operational follow up and performance optimization of the collimation system in the LHC and also future colliders.

- Measures aperture and defines beam-based aperture model of accelerator rings as installed and their impact on beam dynamics and performance.

- Studies and develops advanced collimation techniques such as hollow e-lenses and crystals and their application to future accelerators.

- Studies other applications of bent crystals to circular accelerators including Physics Beyond Colliders implementations of fixed target experiments.

- Hosts project coordination and studies for the LHC collimation system and its upgrade. It hosts the coordination of the studies of present and future operation and upgrade of the LHC as an ion collider and the coordination of the FCC-hh design studies.

Dedicated webpage for the NDC section: