Hadron Sources and Linacs (HSL)


The HSL Section is responsible for:

  • Primary particles production for the CERN Accelerator Complex.
  • Supervision of the proton (Linac2) and ion (Linac 3) Linacs and the planning, coordination and execution of the installation and maintenance.
  • Safety follow-up of the Linacs and associated buildings.
  • Operation and development of the duoplasmatron for light (hydrogen) ions, ECR for high charge heavy ions and development of a negative hydrogen source for Linac 4.
  • Beam-dynamics calculations for Hadron Linacs, and co-ordination and support of the commissioning of Linac4. 
  • Supervision and support of the low-energy radioactive ion Penning trap and EBIS charge breeder at REX-ISOLDE.
  • Layout definition and beam dynamics studies for new hadron LINACs , e.g. medical linacs.  
  • Development and maintenance of multiparticle tracking codes for design and beam dynamics simulation of Linacs and transfer lines in the presence of space charge effects.