Lepton Accelerators and Facilities (LAF)


The Lepton Accelerators and Facilities (LAF) section provides expertise in the field of lepton accelerators design, commissioning and operation, including accelerator test facilities. It is responsible for theoretical, numerical and experimental studies on the beam dynamics of future lepton accelerators and colliders and, in particular:

  • Beam dynamics including experimental tests for the design of future lepton colliders such as FCCee, CLIC and the Muon collider.
  • Development and maintenance of software tools for beam physics and accelerator design for lepton accelerators and colliders (e.g. MADX, PLACET2).
  • Study and improvement of low energy electron beam for existing and future CERN accelerators as well as for accelerators with applications in medicine and industry.
  • Study and design of new acceleration experiments based on proton driven plasma wakefield acceleration and related EU projects.
  • Coordination and operation of the CLEAR accelerator test facility and the AWAKE experiment.

The section hosts the coordination of the Muon Collider Study, AWAKE project, ELENA project and also contributes to beam physics studies for ELENA, Physics Beyond Colliders (EDM storage ring, eSPS) as well as to the management of the FCC study.