Incoherent Effects (INC)

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The Incoherent effects (INC) Section is responsible for theoretical, numerical and experimental studies and proposals for the mitigation of interleaved incoherent multi-particle effects (e.g. space charge, beam-beam, intra-beam scattering, e-cloud, cooling) affecting the performance of present and future circular accelerators. In particular, the INC section:

  • Conducts studies on the impact of incoherent effects on emittance growth and beam lifetime in presence of non-linear lattice imperfections and other perturbations such as noise.
  • Develops luminosity models for CERN’s present and future colliders based on simulations and measurements including all relevant underlying effects. 
  • DDevelops and maintains numerical codes and modules describing incoherent effects, including non-linear dynamics tools, and follow-up of associated computing resources’ needs.
  • Contributes to machine coordination and beam physics support for commissioning and operation (e.g., parameter definition, strategy, measurement procedures) of CERN injectors, the LHC and their upgrade.

The INC section contributes to or is in charge of the following working groups and activities: