Roles and Representatives

Monday, January 18, 2021 - 17:32

Group structure and roles

Role Leader Deputy Secretariat
Group Leader Yannis Papaphilippou Richard Scrivens Alessia Valenza
Budget and Planning Alessandra Lombardi    
Section Leader CEI Giovanni Rumolo    
Section Leader INC Hannes Bartosik    
Section Leader HSL Alessandra Lombardi    
Section Leader LNO Rogelio Tomas Garcia    
Section Leader NDC Stefano Redaelli    
Section Leader LAF Edda Gschwendtner    
Deprtmental Student Advisor Bernhard Holzer    


Radiation Safety Support Officer Richard Scrivens    
Safety Link-person Richard Scrivens    
Territorial Safety Officer Buildings 6/8/9/10 Edgar Mahner    
Work and Services Supervisor Detlef Kucher    

Group representatives at committees and meetings

Committee ABP representative/Alternate Website
BE Asset Management Silvia Schuh, Ilias Efthymipoulos BE AM
BEMB - BE Management Board Yannis Papaphilippou, Richard Scrivens BEMB
CO3 - Controls Coordination Committee Richard Scrivens CO3
FOM - Facilities Operations Meetings Jean-Baptiste Lallement, Piotr Skowronski FOM
IEFC - LHC Injector and Experimental Facilities Committee Richard Scrivens, Gianluigi Arduini IEFC
ITSRM - IT Service Review Meeting   ITSRM
ITUM - IT Technical User Meeting  Laurent Deniau ITUM
LBOC - LHC Beam Operation Committee Elias Metral LBOC
LIBD - LHC Injection and Beam Dump Meetings   LIBD
LMC - LHC Machine Committee Gianluigi Arduini, Massimo Giovanozzi LMC
LSCM - LHC Planning and Coordination Meeting   LSCM
LSWG - LHC Studies Working Group Rogelio Tomas LSWG
MSWG - Machine Studies Working Group Hannes Bartosik MSWG

Machine Coordinators

Machine Coordinators
LINAC3 Edgar Mahner
LINAC4 Alessandra Lombardi
LEIR Nicolo Biancacci
PS Ilias Efthymiopoulos
SPS Hannes Bartosik
LHC Massimo Giovanozzi, Stefano Redaelli
REX-ISOLDE Fredrik Wenander