Lepton Accelerators and Facilities (LAF)


The section provides expertise in the field of lepton accelerators and future colliders design, commissioning and operation. The LAF Section is responsible for:

  • Theoretical, numerical and experimental studies on the beam dynamics of future CERN linear and circular lepton accelerators and colliders. In particular:
  • Experimental activities on CLIC, including the completion of the experimental program of the CLIC test facility CTF3.
  • CLIC beam physics studies, parameters and design.
  • Development and maintenance of software tools for beam physics and accelerator design for lepton accelerators and colliders (e.g. PLACET2).
  • Study and improvement of electron cooling of existing and future CERN accelerators (e.g. AD, ELENA, LEIR).

The LAF Section contributes to the design of Future Circular Hadron Colliders, the development and maintenance of accelerator physics codes and tools (MADX, On-line Model), the studies on new acceleration techniques (AWAKE and EU networks), ILC activities in the framework of the Linear Collider Collaboration (LCC), beam physics and design studies of lepton accelerators (e.g., X-FELs). The LAF section hosts the Coordination of the ELENA Project (PL).