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Accelerator and Beam Physics Computing Working Group (ABP-CWG)

List of core computer codes provided, developed and maintained by ABP in collaboration with other groups and institutes

Code Type Description Documentation/Examples
Footprint Viewer Tracking Computation and online visualization of tune footprint based on JMAD. Wiki
GUINEA-PIG Collective effects Beam-beam sumulator for electron-positron linear colliders. Thesis
ImpedanceWake2D Electromagnetic Solver Code for the evaluation of resistive wall impedances and wake functions for multilayered flat, cylindrical or elliptical structures. User Manual
LHC Online Model Optics Framework for online and historic parameter extraction and beam modelling. Website
MAD-X Optics Methodical Accelerator Design. General purpose tool for particle accelerator design and simulation: lattice description, particle tracking, optics modeling, beam simulation & analysis, machine optimisation. User Manual
MapClass Optics Linac design and optimisation. User Manual
PageStore Data Analysis Python library to save and query large ordered dataset e.g. PyTimber time series. Github
Placet Tracking Linear Accelerator Design. Tools for simulation, correction and efficiency tests. User Manual
PyECLOUD Collective effects Electron cloud simulation code. Wiki
PyHEADTAIL Collective effects Macro-particle simulation code for beam dynamics with collective effects. Wiki
PyPARIS Collective effects Parallelization Layer for the simulation of two streams instabilities with PyECLOUD-PyHEADTAIL. Wiki
PyTimber Data Analysis Query CERN Logging Database. Github
SixTrack Tracking Tools for fast million turns single particle tracking for dynamic aperture studies (machine stability) and collimation studies. SixTrack + Boinc = LHC@home. User Manual
SixTrack and Collimation Tracking Special framework including SixTrack with special support for collimation with added tools like BeamLossPattern. Website
SUSSIX Frequency analysis Frequency analysis of non-linear betatron motion. User Manual
TRAIN Collective effects Self-consistent computation of beam-beam effects (orbit, tunes, chromaticity). Gitlab

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ABP-CWG: beam physics software tools

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