The Accelerators and Beam Physics Group is responsible for:

  • Studying and understanding the beam dynamics over the complete CERN accelerator complex from the sources to the LHC with the aim of improving accelerator performance.
  • Organization of machine development studies and operational support (e.g. machine supervision and coordination) for all the CERN accelerators.
  • Operation, maintenance and development of hadron sources and Linacs, including the Rex-Isolde low-energy stage.
  • Development and maintenance of accelerator physics computer codes (e.g. MADX, SixTrack, PyECLOUD, PyHEADTAIL, PATH, etc.).
  • Definition of the beam and machine parameters and beam dynamics studies for the LHC High Luminosity and LHC Injectors’ Upgrade.
  • Research and development beam dynamics activities and studies for Future Colliders, New Acceleration Techniques and for Medical Accelerators.
  • Teaching accelerator physics in international schools (JUAS, CAS, Summer School, HST, USPAS, etc.).

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